Overwatch Players Expect Updates With New Products Today


A week has passed since the last update. It is possible that something new will appear on the test server today.

The Overwatch community has already started the betting season. The hottest period of the year in Blizzard production really begins.

There is a chance that something new will appear today, although this has not been confirmed by anything.

Blizzard has until now been quite consistent when it comes to introducing new updates. We’ve usually seen a situation where introducing updates from PST to the main servers resulted in the introduction of a completely new patch on the test server a few days later.

A patch from PST was introduced last week, so something new may come out today. However, it is difficult to speculate about what it could be.

Let’s not forget about the mysterious object that could be treated as a preview.

Plenty of options

It is possible that nothing will happen at all, and at 20:00 players will simply keep playing. However, the community is counting on something more:

  • Balance changes
  • Some novelty, which was to come at the turn of summer and autumn
  • Maybe even a new map. We wrote about the underwater location.

Patch, if it were to come out, it will appear around 20:00.