Overwatch Dropped to 15th Place on Twitch, Losing Over 36% of the Audience


Overwatch is currently in the worst place for a really long time.

Overwatch was outside the top ten on Twitch.tv, this is really a poor result, because OW was around 5-7 places for many months.

Now the Blizzard title is in 15th position and is still falling.

36% decrease per month

The 36% drop in only 30 days is certainly very worrying. This is not a strong fall, but a breakdown. Of course, this does not indicate the popularity of the game itself or the number of players on servers, but people simply have nothing to watch.

Overwatch on Twitch is mainly OWL, when the pumped league is missing, it gets boring. Even now, to find Overwatch you have to scroll down pretty well.

The absolute top includes League of Legends, World of Warcraft, Fortnite, and CS: GO.

In Poland, it looks really hopeless

There are very few Polish streams from Overwatch on Twitch. It’s hardly surprising, players on average want to watch Blizzard broadcasts. Audiences of a dozen or so, several dozen people certainly do not encourage streaming.

In many hours there is completely no transmission and the biggest Twitch creators from OW pass