Matching Players With Similar Skill Levels and Bots in Fortnite Games!

Epic Games

Epic Games announced a very important change that will appear in the next Fortnite update.

Epic Games decided to introduce matching for players’ skills not only in ranked modes. Since update 10.40, even in basic modes you will find people with a similar skill level.

In addition, there will be … Bots!

Hello everyone!

Since the release of the Battle Royale mode, the method of selecting players in basic modes has remained largely unchanged, but over the past two years, the range of players’ skills has increased significantly. To evenly match players on different platforms, in Arena mode we use matching based on Publicity.

In Update 10.40, we’re introducing improved matchmaking logic to basic modes in Battle Royale to make matches more fair. This means that the likelihood of matching players with similar skill levels will be greater, and when your skills increase, the system will pick better opponents. We will slowly introduce the new system in Basic modes in Battle Royale in all regions, testing and monitoring its operation. We are glad that everyone will be able to use it and we plan to continue to update it. When the system is introduced in all regions, we will let you know, try it and let us know what you think about it.

Bots in games

Next season, we’ll introduce bots to Fortnite that will behave like players, helping them develop skills. Bots will also be included in the new player matching system – as your skills increase, you’ll encounter fewer bots. However, bots will not appear in competitive modes. This is another system that we will update and develop.