Free Backpack at Fortnite as Part of the Zone Wars Event

Epic Games

Fortnite players will once again be able to get free items.

According to the latest leaks, additional challenges called “Zone Wars” are coming to Fortnite. The event will probably propose a new game mode in which we’ll get free rewards.

In addition to the name, information on challenges also leaked.

Zone Wars is the name of the event, or something related to upcoming news. What are the challenges players will have to complete?

  • Get health or armor in Zone Wars
  • Build structures in Zone Wars
  • Deal damage with assault rifles in Zone Wars
  • Deal Zone Shotgun damage
  • Get eliminated in Zone Wars matches
  • Play Zone Wars matches

This has still not been confirmed, but so far the community praises the challenges as not too difficult and engaging. What are the likely rewards then?

Awards in Zone Wars

According to leaks, a backpack and graffiti should be acquired. Of course, most are not interested in graffiti, but the backpack itself. It will be a board:

And graffiti:

It is not known when “Zone Wars” will be available and whether they will enter the game at all. For now, this is unconfirmed information.