Fortnite Players Can Receive New Build Control Options

Epic Games

Fortnite players in update 10.40 may be pleasantly surprised.

People who search the game’s files report that new options have appeared in the disclosed version 10.40. This is particularly about building options.

Unfortunately, it is not known if this will only appear on the phone – because it is possible.

The options were revealed by the user of Twitter, nickname delta3a29, it is supposed to be a screenshot from update 10.40.

Update 10.40 will most likely come to Fortnite later this week, although this has not been confirmed. We currently have a really strange situation with the status of the update.

In patch 10.31, new items were introduced that appeared when collaborating with Batman. There was no content update 10.30, and now it is completely unknown what to do next. Will there be update 10.40 this week or maybe later.