Fan of League of Legends Client Upgrade Concept


Fan concept for updating the client and adapting it to the new launcher

There were a lot of fan designs for the League of Legends client look. Another one appeared, whose premise was minimalism and modernity, but also adaptation to the player’s preferences.

An even more customized customer

One of Reddit users – Exoye – created a fan concept for the new look of the League of Legends client. The author admitted that his design is the result of boredom, but he hopes that the work will be liked and will be warmly received by fans of the game.

The idea itself included even greater customization of the LoLa client for individual needs. In addition to changing the background in the profile, you could also change the look of the main tab, setting there either the basic look of your favorite hero or the selected skin.

The concept received a warm response from other users. It was described as minimalist, modern and transparent.