“Cyberpunk 2077 will be mistaken for truth.” Animals are luxury goods


CD Projekt RED reveals more and more flavors from the world they created.

It turns out that the game is to present the world as it may ever occur. Themes were designed to resemble the real world.

What does this mean instead? Marthe Jonkers developed it.

Animals and wood are luxuries

Cyberpunk’s world lacks natural resources, such as wood. From here in rich districts, we will see buildings made of wood.

Animals have also become a luxury commodity. Hence, if any character has a tattooed animal, we can assume that he is really rich.

Different layers of the world

The created world shows different periods. For example, districts with kitschy buildings, pink windows with strange shapes arose in the years when many people got rich. Gray, neglected buildings and unfinished buildings are obviously a sign of a sudden crisis.

The creators turn up the mood before the premiere. All previous gameplays have made a huge impression and now, production is a huge hit. If CDP RED still contributed to such issues as taking care of the reality of the created world, then we have the whole set.