Yuumi changes delayed. We’ll see them after the World Championships

Riot Games

One of the employees confirms that the company will focus on Yuumi after Worlds!

Kitty got a giant nerf for the World Cup. It seems that the company was afraid of the cat and did not want to give him a lot of opportunities to show off. However, they are planning subsequent changes!

After the World Championships 2019, the popularity of many forgotten champions will increase. It is enough for one of the players to win the game of a given hero and his popularity will increase significantly. It looks like Riot Games is also planning changes regarding kitty and her position in soloQ. Yuumi is looking forward to major changes and probably strengthening of skills.

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In addition, Mark Yetter gives a chance to rest Akali, Aatrox and Sylas. He claims that they will need a small vacation from changes and will not change anything in the next patches to see how their position will go.

Probably after the whole event, we will see some more serious changes that will result from showing something new and too strong.