The Square Massacre Is Back. A List of Players on the Server


Skkf is back with the Square Massacre!

The Square Massacre was an incredibly popular Minecraft server, bringing together the largest web creators. It was by far the largest and most media server in Poland.

With the decline in Minecraft popularity, the server was abandoned and Youtubeers spread to other games.

The Square Massacre is back

Skkf – the server creator for several years also switched to completely different content. I must admit, with rather medium effect. With over a million subscriptions, his videos did not even reach 30,000 views in some cases.

Now the creator returns in a known circle. A stream from the latest installment of the Square Massacre is taking place on Youtube, which is watched by about 10,000 people.

Square Massacre – Participants

Currently, on the server they play:

  • skkf
  • Onion beetroot
  • Mandzio
  • Blowek

Skkf emphasizes that new people will be matched over time, and current players are the core that is immediately associated with Minecraft’s best years.