The Official Announcement of Prestigious Skins for Miss Fortune, Thresh, Riven, Qiyana and Lee Sin


Riot Games officially announced the upcoming prestigious League of Legends skins.

Riot Games shared information about their plans for prestigious skins that will appear in the coming months.

That’s how Miss Fortune, Thresh, Riven, Qiyana and Lee Sin will receive prestigious skins.

Heroes who will receive in 2019 skins available for Prestige Points (in order of publication):

  • Miss fortune
  • thresh

Heroes who will receive the skins of prestigious events in 2019 (in order of publication)

  • Riven Walecznego Sword (debut in patch 9.19!)
  • Qiyan
  • Lee Sin

Riot also answered the most popular community questions about prestigious skins.


If I stay with less than 100 Prestige Points at the end of 2019, what can I do with them?

Not all players will have 100 Prestige points at the end of the year, so we want everyone to be able to make the most of their points regardless of how many they have in total. We are developing new content available for a smaller number of Prestige Points, similar to the product range you know from event stores. Here are the currently planned shopping options:

  • PROJECT 2019 Jackpot Bag – 50 PP
    • Contains 3 skins from the same category (750 RP, 975 RP, 1350 RP and 1820 RP) and 1050 Orange Essence.
  • Bag with Festival Favors – 50 PP
    • Contains a random skin shard for 520 RP, for 750 RP, for 975 RP, for 1350 RP and for 1820 RP.
  • Arcade Jackpot Bag 2019 – 50 PP
    • Contains three shards of classic skins (one skin fragment worth 975 RP or more is guaranteed) and 1520 Orange Essence.
  • Exclusive animated face icon – 25 PP
  • Exclusive totem skin – 15 PP
  • Exclusive icon – 10 PP
  • Event icons from earlier packages with 100 Prestige Points – 5 PP
  • Hextech key – 3 PP
  • 30 Orange Essences – 1 PP

All points that you do not spend will disappear when Prestige Points are reset on January 31, 2020, by 8.59 CET.

Why can’t I use my Prestige Points to buy prestigious event skins?

There was a lot of confusion that you can’t use Prestige Points to buy prestigious event skins. Some players returning to League games after a break has learned that they lost the opportunity to buy the skin of a prestigious event for their main character. Others have accumulated a whole bunch of Prestige Points, but they care more about the skins available for event tokens than for Prestige Points. Here is our plan to resolve this in 2020. Let me know what you think about him:

  • At the end of the next year, all skins of the prestigious 2020 events released until the end of the 2020 Championship will be temporarily available for 100 Prestige points each.
    • Players who will take part in events in 2020 will be distinguished by reserving only prestigious frames that are part of the prestigious content of the event that can be unlocked during the event for event tokens. These players will also receive exclusive icons.
    • Creating a prestigious event skin for Prestige Points at the end of the year will not provide a frame or icon.
    • Similarly, getting a prestigious skin from 2020 as a result of exchanging three skin shards or upgrading a lucky skin shard that fell out of the Hextech Workshop will not provide a frame or icon.
  • Unlocking the skin available for Prestige Points using Prestige Points will still involve getting a prestigious frame as well as an exclusive icon.
    • The same rules apply: replacing or dropping out of a hextech Workshop will not provide a frame or icon.
  • All prestigious skins released before 2020 will also provide a frame, even if they were obtained as a result of an exchange or fell out in the Hextech Workshop.
  • From January 2021, when the Prestige Points from 2020 expire and the prestigious skins disappear from the store for Prestige Points, all prestigious skins from 2020 will be available only in the Hextech Workshop or as part of the exchange.

These changes will not be retroactive, so they will not apply to prestigious event skins released in 2018 and 2019. The players who unlocked these skins did so with the belief that they can only be obtained for event tokens, and we want to respect their investment decision.