Soon We Will Meet Polish Voice Actors of Cyberpunk 2077


In less than a week we are to meet Polish voice actors responsible for Cyberpunk’s voices.

All Polish fans of Cyberpunk 2077 (strange to write if the game has not yet come out) are certainly waiting for the disclosure of a very important issue.

Of course, it’s about the actors who will give their voice in the upcoming CD Projekt RED production. Many people will probably decide after the announcements whether they will even try dubbing.

September 27-28

Information on this subject is to appear during the Comic Book Festival in Łódź. CDP RED will have a special, separate discussion panel dedicated to the Polish language version of Cyberpunk 2077.

The panel promises to be incredibly interesting. Adam Badowski, who is the game’s director, and Mikołaj Szwed – location producer, will appear on it.

During the panel, we not only meet the actors, but also see them. As we read in the announcements, some people will appear there, which we will hear later in Cyberpunk. The whole thing is worth following on Saturday, September 28. The panel starts at 16:00.