Riot: “Players Don’t Want Skins up to 750 RP”


Skins at a price of 1350 RP appear most often

For some time the latest skins in League of Legends usually have the same price – 1350 RP. There are also more expensive, legendary skins (1820 RP), but it is difficult to find something at a much lower price. Why is this happening?

Players don’t want cheaper skins

An entry on the topic of the trend that can be seen in the League of Legends store has appeared on Reddit. One of the Riot employees shared information about the creators’ decisions to move from cheaper skins to the more expensive ones.

People don’t want 750 RP skins. Over the past few years, we’ve seen really poor sales of skins at this price. It is noticeable not only this, but also the fact that in polls players are more likely to vote for more expensive skins and are happy when their favorite character gets something for 1350 or 1820 RP.

The author of the post noted that he did not care about the quality of skins. He emphasized that the cheaper ones, e.g. for 750, are also often pretty and have their fans, but statistically it is a small number of buyers, which is not worth it. It is better to focus on more expensive, more complex skins than spending time on those that only a handful of players will buy.

Another thing that the Risers pay attention to is that players are much less likely to use cheaper skins. Having several skins for one character, in games they often choose the more expensive ones, forgetting that they have cheaper copies.

People practically do not buy cheaper skins, and when they do, they are not satisfied enough and prefer to play more expensive.

This state of affairs can be explained by the fact that many people treat cheap skins as additions to their collection, fill the set for their main or something they buy for pennies during the promotion and do not pay much attention to it later.

Rioter hoped that fans of the game would understand the decision of the developers because it was made on the basis of these observations and tracking statistics. He also added that proper organization of time is very important and should not focus on products that take time, and then they will not please players.

We hope that we will focus on creating skins that you will love, be happy to buy, be happy with them and use them in the game.