Jhin as Joker? The League of Legends Community Is Delighted!


Jhin as a known character from DC Comics

League of Legends fans likes to come up with newer skin designs, often referring to their favorite movies, comics or cartoons. This time it was similar to the well-known character of DC Comics.

Jhin connected to the Joker

Joker is a character so well known that it’s hard not to associate her. Already after reading this name, a characteristic make-up appears in the imagination. One of Reddit users decided to combine this theme with a hero that perfectly matches the Joker theme – Jhin.

Fanart by Wh1temare

As always, these types of fanarts motivate other players to discuss. This time, there were also various comments, including new proposals for League of Legends skins. Users quickly picked up the topic, listing subsequent characters from DC and Marvel. Here are a few of them:

  • Jinx – Harley Quinn
  • Sivir – Wonder Woman
  • Mundo – Hulk
  • Pantheon – Thor
  • Varus – Hawkeye
  • Rakan – The Flash
  • Morgana – Scarlet Witch

In addition to the author’s praise and many kind words towards him, there were many more suggestions for other fanarts. Those more creative would probably be able to assign every character from pop culture they know to the heroes from LoL. By the way, there were also jokes about how much Riot would have to pay publishers for releasing skins with motifs from their comics.