What to Expect From Today’s Fortnite Update!


There will probably be a new Fortnite update today. What can you expect from her?

We have written many times that Fortnite is preparing something bigger because the developers were strangely planning their updates. No content update announcement, suspicious patch 10.31 and no information about spot changes or new weapons.

Update 10.31 introduced Batman files, which somewhat explained the whole puzzle. Remember that the following information is not yet confirmed (except Youtube).

Today’s Fortnite X Batman update


Today at 14:00 there will be an announcement of the Fortnite X Batman event. This is the first stage of the update and the entire event. We remind you that it is worth coming to the official Fortnite channel to win a free prize.

To receive a gift, you need to have an Epic Games Youtube account connected. You can read about what and how to launch on YouTube here – CLICK


Today, two skins and several cosmetic items have been discovered. Among others, Cat Woman and Batman – probably skins will become available today.

Change of a distorted town in Gotham City

The generator creating a gap over the Crooked Town is already active. Now we are practically waiting for a change of this place in Gotham City.

New sounds

It is possible that the music package will also be made available, or it may appear for use, acquisition or use at some point.

Music player

New background in the lobby

The last thing seems to be the new menu that will welcome us in the game.