URF or ARURF Will Definitely Appear in 2019!


Riot reveals the secret when we get URF or ARURF.

URF is definitely one of the most popular modes of all time. At some point, it was changed to ARUF, which is a variation without being able to choose a character.

The mode is currently available on PBE, while Riot Games told us that it will also appear on normal servers this year.

Ultra Rapid Fire – the mode, which was supposed to be a joke, eventually consumed players many hours of their time. Continuous action and reduced CDRs proved to be a hit.

At the beginning, he came to the game in the version of the original URF with a choice of characters. Currently (which we consider a good change) is introduced as a URF with random selection (as in Arama), i.e. ARURF.

Riot_Mort talked about small changes in this mode and confirmed that it will be introduced by the end of this year.

“Well, what about URF? We are not yet ready to point out a specific patch, but you can expect some form of ARURF to appear by the end of this year with some minor changes that you should like. “

We know that the mode will undergo additional changes, but now we can assume that ARURF will return without the original version. On the other hand, Riot mixes a bit here – he writes about URF, later recalling ARURF.

URF in 2014

Rioter also mentions the exit times of this mode.

PS: Do you remember that URF first appeared as an April Fools joke? A lot has changed since then. (Note: the movie shows an old map, old Ryze and old memes).

And it also shows a 2014 movie that triggers a lot of memories. Note, because you can forget a little about this trip to the past.

ARURF will probably appear during the celebration of the 10th anniversary of League of Legends. According to preliminary information, many well-known and liked modes will come back then, and Riot will give us a “return to the past.”

We personally look forward to it and it’s possible that you will meet us during one of the games.