Halloween JunkerTown Will Probably Appear in Overwatch!


It seems that the first, very large leak appeared on the network.

Leaks in the gaming industry are something completely normal. Sometimes it is very easy to distinguish the false from the real ones, there are even false leak generators on the network.

This time, however, it is difficult to say whether it is a perfect fake or maybe we actually have a huge spoiler here.

Shots of the changed JunkerTown have appeared on the network to be added on the occasion of the Halloween event. It looks really interesting. See for yourself:

This is exactly the same as the original shot. Players began to look more closely and it turned out that some details were changed.

Works like this night version are not too difficult to get for a skilled graphic artist. Several effects and we have ready effect of the night version of the map.

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Interestingly, however, the maps differ in several details. Now you can have fun in “Find 10 differences”, although saving your time we will write that there is no ingrown vehicle on the night version. Instead, there is something like stones. The building at the top has also been changed.

The whole thing is incredibly intriguing. Are we really supposed to see the converted version of JunkerTown, or is someone playing with us the best?