Further Additions to the New Customer Have Been Introduced!

Riot Games

The new customer is fast approaching, we learn about several interesting options associated with it!

The new version is also prepared for other games. The whole concept is a starter, not LoL’s main customer, so the current one will not change at all.

As it turns out, we will get an interesting option for the new client.

Riot Games

The “Stay signed in” option allows us to save our data and we will not have to log in for a long time. Currently, we can only write the name, which is quite tiring. Especially for people like me who have passwords of about 20 characters.

Entering strings of 20 symbols, upper and lower case letters, special characters and numbers can be tedious. Especially knowing LoL’s client and knowing that sometimes we have to reset it.

A very interesting option and strange that it was not introduced faster! We as well as our keyboards will certainly enjoy this add-on!