Fortnite Players Have Found Batman and Cat Woman Skins to Appear in the Game


Overnight, more discoveries were made regarding cosmetic items coming to Fortnite.

Today at 14:00 the official announcement of Fortnite X Batman cooperation will appear. However, it could not be otherwise, players have already got into promotional films that present new skins.

This is not officially confirmed, so there is no certainty that the promotional video is real. However, it looks very reliable.

Cat Woman and Batman

According to the movie, Cat Woman and Batman skins will be introduced to the game. See for yourself:

Batman seems to have two styles. Cat Woman is to be a separate skin with its collector and backpack.

The cooperation itself begins today at 14:00 with a stream that can be watched on the official Fortnite channel on Youtube. We remind you that there will be a special prize for watching.