Details of the Upcoming Yuumi Buff. Riot Translates It to Patch 9.21


One of Riot’s employees said that the direction of work is good, but the studio needs more time.

The history of Yuumi’s changes is starting to get really interesting. The heroine got nerfs, and Riot recently announced buffs for update 9.19.

We now know that while work is progressing, it will require additional time.

According to information from the previous week, Yuumi will receive a buff. Today, however, we learned that this has been translated into Update 9.21. All in connection with the desire to gather more information about the current state of Yuumi and its place at the finish.

What changes are the developers planning?

  • Slowing down from Q to passive
  • Deleting a free W point
  • Making W more adaptive (?)

These are the main points that are currently taken into account. One can get the impression that by Tuesday creators would not have worked with them since there are no major details or changes in conversion rates.

Patch 9.19 is planned for next Tuesday. We will also wait a bit for Yuumi, because its changes will not take place in the next update after 9.19, but only in 9.21.