Blizzard Parodies an Assault on Zone 51 ‘Science Will Reveal the Truth’


Blizzard was tempted to entertain himself on his Twitter.

Blizzard usually does this type of action quite slowly and reluctantly. They even made it this time. What is going on? An assault event is currently underway in Zone 51. There have been plenty of memes from this event on the internet.

Among them a recording that has become really popular. Blizzard decided to use them and well – he succeeded.

It started with a standard Naruto meme. One of the people at the event simply ran behind the camera in a pose known to everyone.

Then it went avalanche, “Maira mains know” even launched Blizzard, who responded to his official Twitter profile with a short animation.

It’s hard to talk about amazing effects here because it was just a recording of running Moira, but it was definitely enough. Information circulated the internet very quickly.

Some even combined the entry with the last, mysterious trailer on the Ekopunkt map. Although it is difficult to find a meaningful relationship here, of course, nothing is excluded.