“You Should Stop Thinking About the Finish Line, Because Blizzard Doesn’t Care About Your Opinion” – PRO About Overwatch


Lane ‘Surefour’ Roberts is a player of one of the Overwatch League professional teams. Hence his opinion is really important.

According to a player belonging to the LA Gladiators team, players have very little to say about the changes and Overwatch balance. Hence, they should accept that their opinion is not taken into account.

Surefour very explicitly expressed his opinion on the balance and voices of the community

Stop thinking about it, it won’t work

Recently, there has been a lot of talk in the Overwatch community about the finish line, role blockade, the future of the game itself and its development. Regular players, as well as streamers, expressed their dissatisfaction.

Surefour has just answered all this, listen to what all complainers have to say for themselves:

Does Blizzard completely distract players? Yes and no. For many months, the studio contracted professional players and content creators to determine the direction of development and change. However, later probably something broke.

A big surprise for many players was the introduction of a role block because nobody told the teams practically for the official announcement. Hence the players were suspended in uncertainty, and this certainly should not be the case.