We Know When the 9th Season of LoLu Is Over!


Riot Games officially confirmed the end date of season 9 in League of Legends.

Riot often answers the most-popular player questions in the Ask Riot series. Today the studio decided to reveal the end date of season 9.

Relax, it will last for a while, in total almost 2 months.

The end of season 9 is already November 19, 2019

According to Riot Games, the end of season 3 is already November 19:

The Summoner’s Rift 2019 Ranked Season will end on November 19. Unless something unexpected happens. We will let you know if this happens.

Will something unexpected happens to developers? We hope not. The end of the season will probably take place at night, around 00:00 – 01:00.

Awards for the 9th season at LoLu

This season, you’ll be able to get a summoner icon, regalia, or loading screen frames. Everyone who finishes the season above Gold can count on an (unannounced) skin.

There were quite a few skins last season, including skin for Maokai, Graves, and Orianna.

We remind you that this season you must have sufficient honor to receive the prizes. Players are already laughing at toxic people who are convinced of receiving their rewards in the form of the season icon or emote.

” O guest, I’m looking forward to the faces of surprised people who will learn that you need to have a sufficient level of honor to collect rewards, even if it has been the standard for several years,” comments one player on Reddit.

In general, however, date information is very important. Thanks to it, we know that we still have a lot of time to acquire the appropriate level and desired rank.