Those Responsible for DDOS Attacks on Blizzard Were Arrested


Blizzard said it was possible to track down and arrest those responsible for DDOS attacks.

Recently, Blizzard productions have had serious operational problems. Many people were disconnected not only from the games themselves but also from the entire client

Blizzard explained that it was the fault of DDOS attacks, now the situation should calm down considerably.

Responsible persons were arrested

One of the Blizzard employees reported on the official forum that, with the help of the services, they managed to track down those responsible for carrying out the attacks and eventually arrest them.

What about people who lost their ranking points in Overwatch Competitive modes by disconnecting? Absolutely nothing. Blizzard is still unable to provide a tool to detect problems on the studio side. As a result of these attacks, many people lost several hundred points.

Of course, arrests are certainly enjoyable, but players still expect not even compensation, but a way to detect problems with servers and, for example, disable ranking modes.