This Is How the Buildings From the Twisted Town Look Like Will Change in Gotham City

Epic Games

Fortnite players managed to recreate the appearance of buildings from Gotham City.

According to preliminary information, the Twisted Town is expected to change in Gotham City. This has not yet been officially confirmed, while the appearance of the minimap and buildings indicate that this can actually be a good lead.

Now one of the Youtube players with the nickname Akim Makim Show has recreated the appearance of buildings that will replace those in the current Twisted Town.

Modified buildings

The buildings were erected in a different random place on the map.

The buildings are really atmospheric, a bit shabby with darker colors. In some places, you can also see graffiti, for example, Joker. The whole is impressive.

It is still unknown when Gotham City will visit Fortnite and whether it will actually be in the game.