The Upgrade Has Spoiled Putting Skills on the Ground Instead of Improving Them


The latest Overwatch update was intended to improve the issues of placing devices.

Blizzard has decided to update skills issues that require putting them on the ground. Mei, the Reaper or Symmetra are included in this.

However, players quickly noticed that something is wrong and instead of improving, they see a significant reduction in comfort.

Blizzard broke instead of improving

Putting these skills was not a major problem. However, Blizzard decided to correct them.

From Update Description:

Abilities that require aiming at the ground (Reaper: Step in the Shadow, Mei: Ice Wall, Symmetra: Teleporter, etc.) will often suggest edges instead of as far away as possible.

Meanwhile, the community complains that nowadays you can’t put skills that Blizzard “improved” in many places.

At the moment there is no response from Blizzard. However, the matter should be resolved soon. After all, this applies to as many as 3 characters who have considerable problems.

The ability to erect a wall or teleport is sometimes crucial to the outcome of the match. Similarly, with Step into the shadow of the Reaper – its use to go to the rear of the enemy can be incredibly important.