The Mysterious Item Is on the Ekopunkt Map in Overwatch!


Blizzard smuggled a mysterious item into Overwatch.

Blizzard sometimes changes the Overwatch map in a very subtle way, without giving complete information about it. Such small changes or additions always give birth to a lot of theories and guesses.

We all remember how the theory of a moving chair took over the world of Overwatch – then even Blizzard had fun.

Now the user of ForedOW Reddit informs that there is a mysterious item in the game. On the Ekopunkt map, we can now find a snowball with the inscription “GRAY” inside. Something like bullets that shake and snow inside. See for yourself how it looks:

It is not known what exactly it can mean or refer to. There are many theories that this has to do with the upcoming BlizzCon and the possible development of Mei’s story – let us remind you that the animated film with Mei did not move the story forward, but only showed what was already known.

Maybe Blizzard is preparing for a new animated film with those threads? Many people would probably consider this a big minus. The movie with Mei did not enjoy a good reputation because of the lack of a new story.

But what does “GRAY” mean in all this? Gray tells us nothing at all. Maybe you will come across something!