Overwatch’s Interest Is Lowest in History. It Was Only Worse Before the Premiere


Overwatch is currently at its worst moment in history – according to Google trends.

Whatever about Overwatch, what opinion not to have about Blizzard, the facts speak for themselves. Interest in Google trends is the worst in-game history.

It was worse only in 2016 in the days before the premiere.

Overwatch with the worst interest in years

Google trends show interest in specific topics in the search engine. This is a fairly good indicator of how popular are not only specific phrases but also games, series, movies, and other specific topics.

Searching for Overwatch can be a bit frightened.

The whole chart has a very clear scale, showing in this case Overwatch. The range you see is 5 years. You can see a clear and gradual decrease with quite large reflections. Overwatch’s biggest problem? These reflections are getting weaker.

As a result, Overwatch today has 6 points. The beginning of March was close to this result, where we dropped to 7 points. However, Overwatch previously went below 6 points in January 2016. At that time, “improved information collection system” was introduced whatever that meant.

Google trends are not 100% an indicator of the popularity of the game, the number of people on servers and the cash register earned by Blizzard. Keep this in mind. However, such a result certainly does not improve moods.

Is the situation hopeless?

Hopeless no, but certainly weak. We are in a period when very little was happening. Only the challenge with the block Bastion slightly raised Overwatch from sleep.

BlizzCon will be important and the points that Google trends will show us then. Always this period meant a big reflection up. How will it be this time? We will find out soon.