Many Changes in the 2nd Season of Apex Legends


October 1 begins the new ranked season in Apex Legends.

Electronic Arts have shared details about the upcoming Apex Legends ranked season. We are preparing a lot of changes that have already been presented on the official blog.

Waiting for us to restore penalties for leaving, new rewards or a soft reset.

Changes in the 2nd season of Apex Legends

We want to quickly discuss our four goals for Ranked Games and summarize their 1st series. Remember that we try to improve systems with each update, but some things take more time than others to get started.

  • Creating an appropriate skill assessment method in Apex Legends.  In the ranking leagues, we used a point system instead of the hidden ELO. So far we are happy with him. The system was easy to understand for both new and experienced players, and gave us a good point of reference for grouping by skill for future series. On September 10, the distribution of players who played more than 5 hours in the ranking is as follows:
    • 5.1% – brown
    • 40.0% – silver
    • 35.7% – gold
    • 16.8% – platinum
    • 2.1% – diamond
    • 0.2% – Apex Hunter

This is pretty good for a system with no degradation mechanism, so we will use it as a basis for scaling skills in the 2nd series.

  • Rewarding ambitious players for the time Apex Legends dedicates.  As players who like competition, we think that the best reward for a ranked game is the rank itself. That is why we offer cosmetic awards for everyone, based on their highest ranking. At the beginning of the new series, ranked players will be awarded badges, weapon talismans, and diving marks. Wait for notification the first time you log in after a reset! Scroll down to view the rewards.
  • Ensuring fair competition through matchmaking based on player skills.  During the 1st round, we introduced a lot of changes in matchmaking to make sure players are selected quickly and against players with similar skills. As expected, it was much more difficult for the most prominent players, because there the differences were not so great. That’s why Apex Hunters were matched even with platinum players, depending on the time of day and number of players. We will continue to monitor this issue and make the necessary corrections. We hope that in the 2nd series players skills will be calibrated faster, which will result in an evener distribution of matchmaking forks.
  • Providing players with Apex Legends competition worthy of their high skills.  Ranked league leagues have witnessed the most intense action in the final stages of the game. We were delighted to be able to observe new and outstanding strategies developed by players from the very top of the ranking last season. Trying to pump up these emotions and encourage more aggressive plays, we’re introducing some changes to the scoring system in the 2nd series. Let’s get to the details.


Now that we have some pictures of the events from the 1st series, let’s get to what you can expect in the 2nd series.

What remains unchanged

Some elements of the system work the way we wanted, so we won’t touch them. We will not make changes to ranks and leagues. Level 10 is still the minimum required for a ranked game. Opponents equal to the highest-ranking players will still be selected to play with friends.

Soft reset

At the beginning of the 2nd series, each player’s rank will be reset and the points system will be updated. All players will go down a rank of 1.5. This means that if you finished the first series at gold level II, then you will start a new one from silver IV. Platinum IV players will go down to silver II, and Apex Hunters will go down to platinum II. This means that players will need less time to reach the rankings that really suits their skills, gaining more time to play with similar players, which will allow them to rise higher in the rankings.


The scoring system in the 1st series worked well, but we want to improve it a bit. Here’s what we’re trying to achieve and how the new system works. First of all – we have to split the distribution of points a little, that’s why we will multiply all your points tenfold. At first glance, this may be associated with inflation, but in reality, we must be able to distribute something between FP 1 and FP 2, which will be possible when we convert it to 10, 15, 20 FP. We will also change the number of PR needed to enter the game.

PR needed to play

Participation in each ranked game will cost a number of PR depending on your rank:

  • bronze – free
  • silver – 12 PR
  • gold – 24 PR
  • platinum – 36 PR
  • diamond – 48 PR
  • Apex Hunters games – 60 PR

Kills, assists

We decided to include assists in the kill count. Assist is to inflict damage to the player within 5 seconds before knocking him down. If a player is resurrected, assistance will not be accepted. Assistance is only granted to members of the killer team. You can’t get a kill and an assist at the same time. Earlier, damage dealt within 0.75 seconds was recognized as assistance. before knocking down, so technically it was possible to get two assists for the same purpose.

The new total score of kills and assists is still limited to 5 per game, but we multiply it depending on the place taken. Although the limit of 5 kills at first seemed controversial, few players managed to achieve it, and thus we limited mass clashes in the first minutes of the game, which we wanted.


Apex hunter

In the 2nd series, as a novelty, players with the rank of Apex Hunters will no longer see their PR – instead, they will find out which place they occupy in the world. In this way, competition between the best players in the world should be intensified. The ladder will be divided by platform, so in the first place, we will have three players – one for PlayStation, Xbox, and PC.


Cosmetic rewards are coming for achievements in ranked games! When a new series starts, you’ll be notified when logging in that your rank has been reset and your well-deserved rewards are waiting to be picked up. Everyone will receive a badge showing the highest level achieved. Players from gold and above will receive a unique weapon talisman for the highest level achieved. Diamond players and Apex Hunters will be rewarded with a special dive track for the highest rank they can get, which can be turned off on the Equipment screen.


In the first series, we excluded penalties for leaving the game, because these were sometimes incorrectly granted to those who did not leave the game. In the 2nd round, leaving the games will be punished. Players who leave their companions will receive a matchmaking penalty in both regular and ranked matches. It will prevent them from joining games for a time adequate to the frequency with which they left ranked games. By leaving we mean leaving the game before it ends, including when choosing a character when you are still alive and when you are dead, but your teammates can still bring you back to life. The penalty time starts from 5 minutes, but subsequent exits can extend it up to a week.

Leaving the loser

We have introduced the let loose system together with the ranking system. We are pleased to announce that it works as it should. Players will not receive a PR penalty if their teammates leave the game or encounter other technical problems that they have no influence on. We will keep an eye on the process of inadvertently dropping players in the ranking and make the necessary changes.