Link as a New Hero in Overwatch, a Community Proposal


One player decided to move Link to Overwatch. It just came out brilliant!

The link is a common name for characters from the Zelda universe – in Poland, the average popular game for consoles from the Nintendo family. A big and appreciated hit abroad.

One of the users of the Reddit nickname Kylon1138 moved the character from Zeldy straight to Overwatch.

The character was created of course on the occasion of the premiere of Overwatch on Nintendo Switch. It is a purely social creation. I must admit, however, that he could easily be an official trailer.

It just looks awesome. Everything in this trailer plays exactly as it should. Character animations, their appearance – all this seems to be a perfect copy of all official character announcements.

The premiere of Overwatch on Switch is a huge event, but the Nintendo character will probably never go beyond the consoles from this company. This would be the first such case in history. Who knows, maybe someday…