Epic Theme for the 2019 LoLu World Championships!


An epic orchestra theme composed especially for this year’s World Championships.

The melody will be recognizable to anyone who has ever watched a championship. This year’s version has been improved by adding an interesting orchestral theme.

Of course, we are also waiting for the song of this year’s Worlds with the music video etc.

Orchestra at the Championships!

Every year we get amazing songs from Riot Games in cooperation with the biggest artists. They were: Imagine Dragons, Mako or Against The Current.

Although the official song of the 2019 World Cup is yet to come. The new version of the orchestral motif will play an important role during the championships. It will probably be released during breaks, before matches, and maybe more often.

The music video itself is very nicely done, it starts with a white, marble statue and the camera slowly moves to the heroes, as well as the main goals of the game, such as the baron or dragon. In addition, we see the most important facilities in the cities where the games will be played: the Eiffel Tower or the Arc de Triomphe.

We are still waiting for the release of this year’s song representing Worldsy. In previous years, the song was never released earlier than September 26. Details, as well as persons involved in this project, were not disclosed.