Do Not Be Surprised by Dying From the Invisible Nunu. The Error Has Returned

Riot Games

Invisible Nunu is back and harassing players!

Players were sure that this was the end of the invisible Nunu, and Riot Games fixed the bug. Now everything seems to indicate that the error has returned a few months after its original repair.

One player boasted at Reddit that he again encountered a terrible mistake related to Nunu.

As you can see, the completely unexpected porch of Qiyana, took up the fight with Riven, and after a while, she tried to safely retreat. However, it turned out that an invisible death was rushing from the bush. Like radiation, a sphere appeared, it was too late to save.

Not so new this error…

Invisible Nunu appeared regularly, but hearing about him was lost for several months. Everyone was sure that Riot had successfully repaired everything but as you can see, it can’t be so easily removed.

We present to you the complications of the invisible Nunu porches and an explanation of where and why this problem occurred in League of Legends.