Cyberpunk’s Multiplayer Will Complete the Single Player Storyline


Cyberpunk’s multiplayer promises to be really interesting.

We have known for some time that Cyberpunk will receive a multiplayer mode. Now more news is coming about how it will affect all production.

We learn, among other things, that multi will complement the singles and will also affect the development of our character.

Multiplayer in Cyberpunk 2077

You can see that the creators when speaking about the multiplayer mode are really careful. They don’t want to reveal anything specific. However, we know that the world is to be complementary to what will happen to players in the single-player campaign.

Awaiting us is the development of the story – but it is not known whether it will be something like a new story, or just a continuation of some of the singleplayer threads.

As the creators write, the world is to fit into the company’s general philosophy and its assumptions. They do not want to throw anything just to create the opportunity to play with others.

Will it be for the premiere?

It is difficult to say whether the multiplayer mode will be implemented immediately. We know a lot about the single-player version, including gameplay videos. Multi is a complete puzzle, the cards of which are revealed very slowly.