Batman and Joker Items Leaked!


It looks like Epic Games will add a new Joker inspired item to Fortnite!

This is another game cooperation from Epic Games studio! Something amazing is coming after the great crossover with Marvel or Stranger Things!

After making corrections to the game in version 10.31, on September 18, people involved in extracting data from files discovered something interesting. One of the most popular spots – Skewed Towers, will experience a large metamorphosis.

The most interesting object discovered in the files is an object strongly associated with the Joker.

According to the person responsible for the leak – HYPEX, this item can be placed on various structures of the Fortnite world. Nothing more is known about him or what he will do in the game.

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Probably the new item can only be a prop that would remind you of an event before it starts, but nobody knows it yet.

Remember, however, that the cover is not confirmed by Epic Games, it gives a shadow of a chance that it will be removed or improved and we will not see it in the game at all. We can only wait.