A Serious Mistake Makes Neeko a Thing of the Past!


Players have discovered a serious bug related to Neeko, which apparently has been around for a long time!

A terrible bug allows you to make a Neeko hero of the past level!

If you think that our fears are not right or we are exaggerating, we will show you what happened to the chameleon.

One player discovered a strange bug related to Neeko. Despite being level 13 and full health, she was killed by one Q Karthus, how? Neeko on the first level has about 540 health points. At level 13 it should be above 1500. Despite this, she was tamed by a singer with Pentakill for one bubble.

Chameleon with bubble phobia?

Lulu has an influence on the behavior of health points, and this happened outside the recording.

Neeko, as we can see, has 360 health points, why?

According to one player, the explanation is Lulu plimorfy! If she turns a camouflaged Neeko into a squirrel, she will lose her HP and turn into something past gone permanently! Sounds terribly true? Not only for you, but many players have also said that if they see Neeko at home, and in the opposite team Lulu, they will leave the game.

The lizard can debug his character if he uses his passive again – he turns into someone.

Riot Games did not comment on this.