Torbjorn Received a Hidden Buff in the Latest Update


It turns out that Grace is not the only character who has undergone changes in the latest Overwatch update.

In the last update, Grace received a nerf that Blizzard had not reported about in any place. After checking it turned out that Torbjorn was also changed.

The hero received reinforcement, which is also in vain to look for information in the patch description.

Torbjorn strengthening

Buff is quite important because the special ability (Losing) now deals more damage against targets with armor.

Before the upgrade, it was 130 damage against targets without armor and 190 with armor. In the second case, these values ​​were changed. Torbjorn is currently taking off 230 armor points. It’s a really big buff.

It is still not known if this is missing information in the description of the update, or just Torbjorn has been strengthened due to the general weakening of the armor from Update 1.34.