There Are Leaked Posters Probably Announcing the New Fortnite Skin Series!


New, dark posters leaked! New skins are coming?

A series of dark posters have leaked, most of them are scary! Is that a good idea?

New posters have just been added to the game files. They are probably the announcement of a new series of skins, but nothing is confirmed!

The skins are dark, you can say even a little too much. Remember that very young player also play Fortnite!

On the other hand, many players like the dark theme and at the same time is a nice springboard from a lot of candy skins!

Do files suggest skin names?

The game’s file names suggest the skin names, but are you sure?

As for the first two, there is practically no doubt, the skins can be called that. The other three are not very good. Rather, we doubt that Epic Games will add new skins named: Gas Mask, Girl or Man with Hood. It seems to us that these are only working names, but everything will turn out soon!