Riot Should Enter Markers for Selected Roles in Champion Select?

Riot Games

A great idea for adding graphics depicting our roles!

The game search system can play pranks or force autofill. Players propose to solve this problem by adding new mechanics to the game.

It is possible to mark the selected automatic selection.

Many times I encountered such a situation that I got an autofill together with another person from the waiting room, we both did not want to play in the current positions, but we had the other person’s positions marked. We exchanged easily after a short complaint and everything was fine.

One of the players came up with the idea of ​​creating additional graphics presenting our selected items. This would allow faster contact during autofill or even when someone chooses a hero that you don’t want to play.

The idea seems very nice and we quietly hope that Riot will introduce something similar. However, it is difficult to assess the chance of putting the idea into practice. Riot sometimes listens to the community, so maybe because of the popularity of this proposal, he will bend over something like that.