Razer Created Overwatch headphones with the Lucio theme!


New headphones with the Lucio theme have just appeared on the official Razer website!

Razer in cooperation with Overwatch has just released new headphones, how do they look and how much do they cost?

Great news for Overwatch and Razer fans! From now on you can take your favorite game wherever you go! The headphones are of course wireless, and the advanced system transmits sound without delay.

For headphones from Razer with Luc we will pay only $ 229.99, or about 900 PLN. Additionally, we can buy a washer (also with Luc) for only $ 29 – 120 zlotys. A headset case for another $ 29 is also included.

We will spend only PLN 1,100 on new headphones in the full set.

How are they presented?

If you are planning a purchase, we suggest you first wait for the review, it’s a pity to spend much money on something that will not help us.