Players Strongly Criticize Blizzard. “Your Game Is on the Verge of Collapse”


Some Overwatch players are obviously fed up with their beloved game situation.

The Overwatch community is very different. Hence, players’ opinions about the current state of the game are very different. Today, an opinion that is incredibly popular and cited everywhere in the Overwatch world.

SoaR Kayjii shared his very rough news with the world. What do developers have to say?

About Overwatch and its condition

The author points out that he loves Overwatch, but can not stand his current state. That’s why he decided to write down what he thinks is wrong now. Sharp, because previous entries of this type, even from very famous people, didn’t work.

  • The ranking mode is worse than ever, rank doesn’t matter
  • Lack of MMR reset allowed to drive over 100 ranking points in the role block beta
  • In one of the three games at least one cheats
  • Character selection is more important than ever. No matter how many skills you have, it’s important who you play
  • Balance management is poor
  • Many people declare that they will quit the game if nothing changes
  • Blizzard completely doesn’t care for Tier 2 and Tier 3 competitions
  • Instead of caring for the development of the game, Blizzard focuses on the promotion of LEGO or Cola
  • Queue times in ranked are a misunderstanding
  • OWL players are very negative about Overwatch

However, it is difficult to agree with a few points. There are not so many cheaters – they either mask themselves perfectly. It is also difficult to say that players are on the verge of leaving. According to our survey, many people declare to stay with Overwatch even when there is no news on BlizzCon. It is also difficult to objectively assess balance issues.

On the other hand, a few sentences are perfectly hit on the point. DPS players are slowly giving up Overwatch at all, especially at a high level. A 20-minute queue? Who is normal so much waiting for the match. Caring for Tier 2 and Tier 3 also seems to be true.

Blizzard certainly faces a huge test. BlizzCon may prove to be decisive for many people, but certainly, even a complete trade fair flap will not make Overwatch simply die.