New K/DA Songs Are Coming! Song Names Leaked

Riot Games

It looks like Riot is planning to repeat the K / DA performance during the World Cup.

Leaks in the world of computer games are something quite normal, players noticed that one of the pages updated information about the songs of the band K/DA.

This may indicate that new songs are coming that we will hear on Worldsach.

New K/DA songs

Leaked names of new songs that appeared on the Genius website. It is difficult to say whether it was planned and whether anyone would see it.

As you can see, we have the song ” Gold ” and ” GAME / OVER ” here. Entering them, however, we do not see any additional details. The site simply throws out information that the subtitles will be available only after the songs are released. Wikipedia has started to provide similar information, thanks to which we know that Ali Tamposi (Havana, Señorita, IDOL, Let Me Love You, etc.), Madison Beer and Harloe are responsible for GAME/OVER.

K / DA made its debut on November 2018. Then exactly on November 3 “POP / STARS” came out, which quickly became a hit. Over 260 million people have watched it on YouTube today.

Riot Games

It’s very likely that Riot decided to create new songs this year, given these views and the popularity of the group.

Last year, K/DA was revealed during the World Cup finals ceremony. It is not known if Riot has the same plans this year, but it is possible.

Akala’s new performance in 2019

It is worth mentioning that Akali recently received a completely new performance during the LPL finals. The animations look much better than those of 2018.

It looks like Riot actually took care of this technology and prepared something for Worlds 2019 .

When are the new songs?

The most sensible option is to release new songs or an album at the 2019 World Cup. According to Wikipedia, the premieres of the songs are to take place on October 2019.