Map Changes in Update 10.31: Distorted Town, Musty Warehouse and Much More!

Epic Games

In update 10.31 there were changes on the map, what?

Along with the latest small update, small changes to the spots were added to the game, some interesting new things appeared, the other one can dare to say that the works are being continued. We present you all the most important changes!

After the great destruction of the Mustard Warehouse, it was not on the map for a long time, apparently, it returned for some purpose. In one of the side hangars a platform for launching the rocket was built, and in the update marked 10.31 its bottom has already appeared! So we can say that we are already getting closer to another interesting event!

A distorted town

Total destruction took the people living here to the wild west. They forbade construction on their territory (so that the infrastructure did not develop) and destruction (because they had enough of it).

However, the bans did not prevent them from putting the practically in the middle of a large generator!

According to leaks, the city of Gotham from the legendary Batman series may stand here, but we still have to wait for it!


The cube island powered by the giant Kostko-Kevink reactor has moved again!

This time she visits the north-west corner of the map, captivating adventurous players into the air!