LoLa Players Are Furious at Buying Tickets by Bots and Selling Them Several Times More Expensive


League of Legends players say openly: We’re fed up with such a system.

One of the players on Reddit pointed out the problem with bots on the site offering tickets for the 2019 World Cup. According to infest, many tickets were available much earlier than planned, and most of them bought bots.

Prices on third parties have obviously become many times higher than the original ones.

Bots buying tickets are a problem?

There are two aspects to this case. One is premature to release of ticket sales. According to the Reddit user, they were available up to 2 hours ahead of schedule.

The second is buying tickets by bots, which are incredibly difficult to beat. It is through them that tickets available for several dozen euros are currently available for 300-400 euros. This is an amazing copy that is becoming a real problem.

Because it is different to sell tickets to physical persons, and it is different to clean them by bots, whose owners will sell them later several hundred zlotys more.

Riot Games finally commented on this matter, stating that only a small part of the tickets was available before. This was to ensure entry for Riot Games partners, who this year had to secure tickets through the site. Most of the tickets went in a timely manner.

However, it did not respond completely to the allegation of bots…

Players want a special system

Players on Reddit suggest that this is the right time to create a special system for selling tickets strictly by Riot Games. ” Trusting third parties in such important matters is not serious when it comes to the mass buying of tickets by bots,” write fans.