League of Legends Players Complain About the New Logo and Don’t Leave a Dry Thread on Riot


With the announcement of the 10th anniversary of League of Legends, Riot also announced a change of logo.

Logo changes are always very risky. Riot has found this out in the past and seems to have just fallen yesterday. Players massively point out that the change was unnecessary and forced.

Interestingly, most criticism appeared after changing the logo on Twitch.

A new logo in the feeling of the community

Riot wanted to refresh the logo for the 10th anniversary of League of Legends and there is nothing wrong with that. According to the players, someone misunderstood the word “refresh” and made a logo that did not match the game’s atmosphere.

“The logo looks like it is washed out of colors, flat, too flat,” writes one of the Reddit users. ” I understand the desire to change, but not so. The classic logo was something we all got used to. And here suddenly such a change. It reminds me of clickbaitami flashy titles on Youtube “ – is echoed by another.

Players seem to have the biggest problem with the colors and shape of letters. So in total with everything. The name of the game is fine – as if you were asking. There are already a lot of mocking suggestions on how to change the logo:

Why do people not want this change so much?

The old logo looks like it was designed for production from the last decade and it was exactly like that. Maybe it actually needed a slight renewal, but such a change of community is associated with breaking with an era in which they grew up.

Although this is just a logo, the community was really familiar with its old version. Probably everyone will forget in a while, but for now the matter is quite loud.