Intriguing Graphics From a Former Riot Games Employee


One of the former employees of Riot Games showed the graphics he worked on.


A lot of people work at Riot Games. Not surprisingly, some projects ultimately fail. This is the case with works disclosed by Efflam Mercier.

There are things here which, although partly finished, have been finally canceled.

Works of a former Riot employee

Your name probably doesn’t say anything at all to you, so know that he worked, among others, on Swain’s promotional graphics, Awaken movie or Realms of Rounterra. In addition, the creator found in the production of, for example, LawBreakers – would-be conqueror of Overwatch.

The works themselves have been described in detail on ArtStation, so if you are interested in what they present, please visit the source.

As you can see, the works are really interesting. Our editorial staff has always liked such heavier, darker climates. No wonder we immediately turned our attention to these graphics. Their history is also interesting. The first presents spiders sucking life energy. Another is a living lantern, and the last is a house – also lively.