Fortnite Players Have Discovered Gotham City Textures. This Is How the City Looks Roughly

Epic Games

Gotham City is probably the next location we’ll see in Fortnite.

Since yesterday, the world of Fortnite has been literally flooded with information about possible Fortnite X Batman collaboration. This makes sense because a lot of Batman elements have been added to the files.

Now, clearer textures of the location have been reproduced.

Gotham City in Fortnite

Most likely, Gotham will replace the Twisted Town, though remember that this is not confirmed. At the very beginning, the top view changed distorted and their last version.

What does the location inside look like? As you can see for yourself, help from one of the buildings will most likely be called. We wrote about it yesterday.

The spot will undergo significant changes. The files contain many elements that will be in this location. However, players are not sure when it will come into life and how.

It will probably be done in a standard way, i.e. using a generator. Batman in Fortnite, however, will offer us much more – challenges, new cosmetic items, and new weapons.