Europe Will Probably Get Something Special. First Time in a Really Long Time!


In recent months, Europe has been heavily influenced by Riot Games. Now it can change.

Riot Games treats the EUW and EUNE regions as “worse”. An excellent example of this was the loud situation from MSI, where the winning region received literally nothing. This was the first time in five years.

Now a small lamp of hope that it will change has come on.

Europe and something special

It all began yesterday when the 10th anniversary of League of Legends was announced. The announcement of the new event is to take place on October 16 and there are no problems here. These appear in relation to the time. Riot did not seem to take EU into account at all and set the time to 3 am.

Maybe it could have survived somehow if it was a weekend. Well, no, it’s about the middle of the week. 16 falls on Wednesday. Hardly anyone from such EUNE will be able to withstand up to 3 to go to work or school the next day.

Something special for the EU

A wave of criticism immediately rushed towards Riot that we would miss everything again. The studio decided to respond to the players on its Reddit, confirming that something special is being prepared.

“Isn’t ideal” is slightly said, while Riot has something planned for Europe, which we will learn soon. The exact point is not explained. However, you can expect that it’s about some extra stream ahead of time, maybe some bonus content in the League itself? We would not count on anything special, but at this point, even something small would give European players the feeling that Riot remembers them. Let’s not 100 Blue Essence.

10 years full of fears

For the whole decade, it has been accepted with a very high dose of fear. Many people speak negatively about the new League of Legends logo, completely unaware of what changes have been made to it at all.


Players also do not seem to fully trust in the “return to the past.” “If we get mainly TFT changes, it will be poor,” write Reddit users. ” “Let them bring back something for which we loved this game.