Epic Games Responds to Allegations of Overlapping Recent Circles on Zones!


Epic Games responded to fans’ complaints about the news that the last circles of the storm did not end in a zone free zone!

In update 10.31, which was released on Wednesday, a change of storm circles was added. From now on, they were not supposed to end in zones, but on natural terrain.

The players started complaining again and showing that their last circles ended in the taco zone or the Twisted Town. They accused Epic Games that nothing had been repaired and the mechanics continue to occur. Epic Games quickly countered the charges. They said that, as the LAST CIRCLE said, it closes outside the zones.

What does it mean?

It turns out that this is about the last, moving the wheel of the storm. We can safely say that it is a small trick because the zone is so small that or before it comes to the end, the game usually ends.

In addition, the last small circle can pass through the zones! Which is probably very annoying when we can’t build, squat or something to dance.

Let’s hope that another anomaly-free circle will be added.