Batman in Fortnite Will Probably Get His Skin Pack


To date, no information has appeared about the Batman skin, today it has changed.

What is Fortnite X Batman’s collaboration without Batman himself? You probably asked yourself this question yesterday when we published information about hang gliders, challenges and weapons.

Today, the first messages have already appeared regarding a possible skin or entire package of items. Of course, this is not confirmed at this time and may not be true.

At this point, information revolves around the name “Black Monday”, meaning Black Monday. Items related to Batman items are to be named. According to people dealing with leaks, a new Batman set will hit the store.

As you can see, we have French here, but it can be easily translated. According to this photo (which does not have to be real), for 20 euros we would receive:

  • Batman’s legendary skin
  • Squeegee
  • hang-glider
  • Backpack

However, it is not known when these items will enter the game.

Fortnite X Batman

The first information about Batman came out during yesterday’s update. The files contain a lot of references to the superhero. As a result, many people have found Epic Games to cooperate again, this time with Batman.