Bastion’s New Skin Makes Him Unplayable? Players Complain!


The new LEGO Bastion skin animations make it very difficult to play!

The latest LEGO Bastion skin has excited many players. Nobody expected it to disturb us in the game!

This great crossover aroused sympathy and pleased many players. The skin itself looks nice and fits Bastion perfectly! Despite the fact that the skin looks great, players have expressed tiny concerns about its special effects!


Streamer and Bastion’s main, Kolorblind was one of the first people to mention a big skin problem. It turned out that the flash during shots disperses and reduces the field of view!

He showed on his stream what the problem is and was irritated by the fact that he devoted a lot of hours to get a skin that he won’t even play!

While the flash during the shot adds some realism, it is not very useful in FPS games. He makes it difficult to see around the viewfinder, and this comes down to the deterioration of our Aima.

Lego Bastion currently has the clearest flash effect, other skins also have, but it is significantly less.


Overwatch already has many problems related to visual effects that make the game difficult to play and watch. Each new hero released brings a lot of new effects to worry about. This is a big problem for players with color blindness or epilepsy.

You can get the skin until September 30, so you still have a lot of time!

Blizzard did not refer to the problem, but if he does, we will certainly inform you!