You’ll Get Rewards for Being in the Overwatch League Final


Blizzard has prepared prizes for people who will stream from the Overwatch League finals.

Overwatch continues the trend of giving out various bonuses during Streams with Overwatch. This time, the user of Majaura Reddit reminds that during the finals they will be given away … Sprays.

Did you expect skins, emotes, maybe play presentations or player icons? No. Sprays are waiting for you.

Sprays for watching Overwatch League

It’s hard to say that the community is delighted, but it’s hard to complain about something that is completely free and requires us to have a live stream from the finals. However, it is difficult not to conclude that these are items intended to affect only the number of viewers.

The creators do not disclose what these sprays will be. Only their names are known:

  •  Wrecking Ball Watch Party
  • Grand Finals Trophy
  •  Payload Watch Party

The next sprays will be automatically unblocked in the following hours. The first for the first hour of presence, the second for the second and the third for the third. Although the sprays promise to be quite an average prize, after some time they can be an interesting unique item to decorate with spawns.

The Overwatch League finals will take place September 29 from 21:00.